Payment for all registrations must be received by us within 10 days of registering or your reservation may be canceled.  



If a team chooses to withdraw for ANY REASON at ANY TIME from any tournament they registered for they will FORFEIT THE ENTIRE REGISTRATION FEE PAID. Unless, we are able to secure a replacement team, then a refund up to the amount paid by the replacement team will be issued.  If any tournament is completely canceled for ANY reason beyond our control, registration fee paid can be applied to any future tournament in the current year or in the following season.  The amount paid can also be transferred to any other team in your organization.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO WE ISSUE REFUNDS FOR UNPLAYED TOURNAMENTS. Any tournament that begins, but is not completed due to any reason beyond our control, a partial credit MAY OR MAY NOT BE ISSUED.  Any credit issued will be good for the current season or the following season and can be transferred to any other team in your organization.  For example, a 3 game tournament where a team plays 2 games, no credit will be issued.  If less than 2 games are played, a credit of some amount will be issued.



Teams registering for any of our tournaments must add Baseball365 Inc. N11W29510 Kings Way Waukesha WI 53188 as a Certificate Holder on their Certificate of Insurance. There should be no cost to you and your insurance company should be familiar with the process.  Certificate(s) of Insurance are required to be submitted prior to your team playing in your first game of the tournament.  Any team not providing a properly prepared Certificate of Insurance will not be allowed to play in the tournament and will not receive ANY refund or credit. Teams must also enter a roster and their families must accept our automated online waiver prior to being allowed to play in any games.  Any team that does not have at least 9 rostered players with accepted waivers will not be allowed to play any games.  No refund or credit will be issued to any team who violates this policy.